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CodeRVA High School is an innovative, regional, public high school in central Virginia focused on preparing students for college and careers in computer science and coding.

CodeRVA is a non-traditional regional public high school using innovative instructional approaches to change public education. CodeRVA provides instruction in a blended learning model that combines online and face-to face instruction that meets the needs of today's technology-focused students.

Personalized learning is offered to ensure that each student masters the content, achieves academic and career goals while building independence. Personalized learning allows students to accelerate at their own pace. CodeRVA strives to prepare all students for college and career readiness. Students are offered options to graduate high school with college credit, an associate's degree, and industry certifications.

CodeRVA partners with Colonial Heights Public Schools and two students from Colonial Heights attend CodeRVA during the 2017-2018 school year.

Ethan and Krystal

Ethan Bridges and Krystal Rubio are two Colonial Heights students attending CodeRVA. Both students have a passion for the study of computer science. Recently, Krystal said, "Time management and planning are important skills, and the workload at home might increase, depending on how you use your time during the day." Krystal said that it was a big adjustment learning online. Krystal is excited about the opportunity to take college courses at Code RVA, she plans to complete high school with an associate's degree. She serves as the Student Cooperative Association President for CodeRVA. Krystal also attended the announcement ceremony at the White House that $200 million per year will be dedicated to computer science education across the country, which is meant to expand access to computer science in schools.

The commute time to Richmond lengthens the day, and students need to understand that they may have to sacrifice extracurricular activities, such as band and sports. Krystal manages to play on the Colonial Heights High School soccer team. She has worked with CodeRVA administrators that allow her to leave early to make it to soccer practice and games.

Ethan described a typical day, attending the morning meeting through a Chromecast, then working on courses through an online environment. There are also mandatory meetings and break out sessions with teachers who provide small group support. Krystal said, "Teachers try to work with you so you can get the most out of it."

Ethan applied to CodeRVA because he had an interest in computer science and wanted the exposure and opportunities offered here. When asked what he likes about his CodeRVA experience he said, "I can follow my passion during high school and go on from there, why wouldn't I do that?"

Krystal and Ethan encourage any students in the greater Richmond area to apply to CodeRVA. "Attending high school here is a unique experience that allows you to accelerate your high school program and follow your interests in Computer Science."

Students interested in attending CodeRVA need to indicate their interest no later than February prior to the next school year. Selected students that accept the offer to attend must be residents of a CodeRVA partnering school division. If students have an interest in attending, make sure they contact their guidance counselor so that they don't miss out on this unique and beneficial opportunity.

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